Building Management Systems - Bar-tech Automation

With over 50 sites and 25 years of building automation, Bar-Tech has a large range of control systems and software managing a variety of buildings, campuses and facilities.

As they embarked on a major software upgrade to all systems, they decided that it was necessary to employ a designer to assist in the design and development of a new Framework and User Interface. I was required to bring their system in line with current technology standards. 

This software is required to be easy to use, flexible, navigable and most importantly customisable for every site. The system can control and monitor large amounts of data and equipment, making the task extremely complex. It also must display a range of graphics such as floor plans, live lighting and air conditioning, site maps, weather feeds and Reports/ Analytics to name a few.

As every facility varies in size and complexity, I assist in the customisation and development of all their sites on an ongoing basis.