Crafting captivating user stories.
By making the user No.1

As a user experience designer specialising in user interfaces, I am passionate about being the voice of the user when developing any digital systems that have an interface. I am always aiming for the most enriching and engaging experiences for the user, that gets retold through stories to friends and family.

To do this I use the Build, Measure, Learn process of thought. Always making sure that all theories ( assumptions) are tested thoroughly, so that we generate the outcome which meets everyones goals & desires for both the user and the business.

Some of the tools in my toolkit are.

Varies research methods- To understand the problems with both quantitative & qualitative data sources.
Data Analysis - To get understanding from the data.
Sketching - for divergente idea generation.
Storyboarding - Illustrating & communicating user behaviour & journeys'.
Wireframing - Converging the thinking to quickly iterate.
Prototyping - Testing User flows & journeys'.
Usertesting - Testing our assumptions with users ( not just ourselves).

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