Medical Research Centre

With the construction of the new building, the client requested a variety of touchscreens to control their pressure rooms and airlocks.

Pressure Room Key actions/Activities

  • Display if the pressure zone is with in normal safe working parameters
  • Alert operators if any parameters go outside safe parameters using audio and visual elements.
  • Display any action taken from an operator when in alarm

Airlock Key actions/Activities 

  • The main function is the operate and display the purge control sequence.

With each step in the process of controlling these rooms being highly important, the current status and next step in the sequence had to be quickly visible and intuitive.

To create this in the design, strong and bright colours contrasting on the soft dark UI were used, giving hierarchy to these important data and interactions. The success of these screens has been achieved because of their intuitive usability.


  • Research
  • Wireframing and Prototyping with Function Description 
  • Design Mockups
  • Front end development and implementation
  • Testing