nib website redesign

I came to nib Health Insurance as a UX designer to be part of a team of designers working within a agile scrum environment. To redesign and set the future vision of the online presence and sales in conjunction with the new product launch.

The major challenges we had to face were how we were to display the new product rang, so that the user could easily understand & comprehend all the available combinations they could tailor for themselves.

With a currently confused market place this through up a series of complexities on how to communicate the workings of the PHI system & products for all identified personas.

As the 3rd biggest PHI company in the country we had to find a way to make our presents unique and engaging that is open and honest in it's approach in explaining, how to use & purchase the products which is beneficial to the customer.

Designing in a very legally tight and regulated market place, to produce a MVP that allowed the business to be able to sell the new range which meet all the strict legal requirements that gives the user the best experience and understanding possible with the defined timeline.

We operated in a build, measure, learn process, to test all our assumptions & learnings with users through user testing and data analysis. We started with research done into the persona's and mental model of he users, into how they currently purchase and use PHI products. Then by creating some How Might We statements, so that we have a core vision to always return back to.

We worked in close collaboration with the scrum team and stakeholders, to keep everyone on the same understanding & input of the outcomes and expectations.

After the initial launch we moved into creating the next stages in the redesign process, in which gives maximum value to the user and conversions for the business.

Once this was under way I was then asked to introduce our design process and methodology to the other development teams within the business, and work across two scrum teams.