open BMCS

A new startup business from the owners of Bar-tech Automation. The business was embarking on a new project to create a browser based software package to replace their current core tool by a third party. I was asked to help them design and develop this ground breaking and versatile software, which they intend to take to the world market place.

This is a tool of epic proportions, which provides a place where engineers and service professionals can integrate their technology for business operators who will manage the system for situations such as campus wide facilicities, multi-foored buildings, and even small offices and homes. These potential users have varying degrees of skill sets and knowledge creating a large difference in personas that had to be catered for. To over come this we created a multi-layered interface where they can transition seamlessly from one level to another. With these different levels of users, it produces a high degree of difficulty in managing the types of information one user may be able to see and control vs another user who may not need any of the data or who may need to only monitor that data source, so that's why we implemented a powerful user privilege control module to allow for such diversity.

As this tool required a large varying degree of different functionality. We had to find a way to break it down, so we came up with creating modules for the larger pieces of functionality, such as network monitoring, programming for hardware & digital logic, alarms controls, data histories, user controls and graphics editor for custom diagrams and layouts.

We wanted to make this User interface available for use on any device or screen size so that it can be used on a laptop, wall mounted monitor, tablet or mobile, as the user could be on any device in a variety of locations, from walking down a hallway checking sensors, to being on a construction site programming hardware or alternatively being used exclusively on a wall mounted touchscreen.

We had many challenges to surmount while creating this software, as I was already engaged on other contracts in another city, I had to work after hours remotely to manage and run the design process. For all the challenges we believe we have produced a world beating product that should change the face of the Building management industry.