Transaction Network Services

Coming on for a short term contract at TNS I was given the enormous task to produce a long term strategy and design vision for their 15 year old untouched merchant administration system, how to introduce that change with the minimum aversion for both the customer and the end user. This included time-lines for what device and communication tactic to use for each set of users, a set of re-brandable options and visual designs on what that could look over a staged roll out process.

Also to overhaul their latest gateway product and to provide a strategy to revamp their long standing merchant administration UI's. As a global company TNS provides gateway services to many companies around the world requiring multi-language support from Spanish to Japanese. Being a white labelled provider, all products and services need to have the ability to be re-branded to resemble their clients businesses in colour, terminology, tone and experiences.

When first starting I came on to find that little to no research had been done into the end user of the system and with no time or resources to do so myself, I proceeded to use internal knowledge and resources to produce proto-personas that helped to give a shared understanding and vision between the teams and stakeholders.

When I was brought in, the latest gateway product had already been in production with one of the agile teams, so I had to quickly turn around visual designs and experiences for this simple payment integration method. With this integration method online businesses simply attach this option to their e-commerce websites, in which the user is re-directed away from the shopping cart to this payment page then back after a successful payment.

With the current global market going/gone towards mobile devices we introduced a responsive layout that could cater for any businesses interaction needs.

Some of the issues I encounter are that businesses around the world have an array of different needs and legal requirements, the designs of the page had to work for an great range of scenarios, coursing many complications and variations.

Making a payment can be a long slow process in which a user can be reluctant to make. For this reason the UI needed to help the user complete this task without getting in their way and slowing them down or alternately dropping them off from the purchase (since this is a great problem to many online business around the world).

This integration method is simple and easy for small to medium business to quickly setup. In which they can offer multiple payment methods and not be lock down to one.

With a new direction and strategy TNS now has the base elements to take their product forward into the future.