nib - Whitecoat project

One of the projects I worked on while at nib was the whitecoat website. This project had been around nib for over two years dealing with legal and data problems. I was the first dedicated UX designer to have been on this project, which meant many of the experiences had been previously never been seen by a designer or tested thoroughly.

With this project I had to redesign and realign 3 interfaces for 3 different types of users, on a old code base. This raised a great many challenges such how to engage healthcare specialists to want to register and add more details to their profiles, allow the public to search and compare easily the specialists in a way that meet their motivations and behaviours, as well as allow the business to administer and maintain the two sites and data.

Their had previously not been any research into the personas and motivations of either the public users or the health care specialists, so one of my first tasks was to get to know the users, to inform the decision making process. I also needed to find out what the success measurements for this project were as this had also had not been established.

Having not had a designer on the project, I needed to understand the key functionality that needed to be created and the issues and bugs with the current system, so that we could create a list of user stories and tasks that needed to be created to make the project viable to launch. Once this had been established we continued to work in a agile process to generate a viable project that meet the stakeholder requirements, the specialists needs and the public user desires.